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Shortcuts View

The interface is simple and customizable.

You can create groups, view weather forecasts and quickly run scenes, which we have renamed Shortcuts.

The Home Automation System, produced and developed by Chiarini Automazioni, exploits the most modern technologies, and abandons the old protocols to rely on solutions that allow greater compatibility and reliability. Any type of input and output can be connected to the system. It's up to You!


Lights and Loads

It is also possible to set the percentage of light (only for dimmable lights) and the color (if RGB lights).

and Humidistat

Set the temperature and humidity sets, or use the calendar for automatic management. It is also possible to manage and view sensors of any type.


The activation and deactivation of the Security System is also possible via fingerprint and facial recognition.


Start the Irrigation System directly from the interface or configure the calendar for a weekly schedule.

Open and close windows/shutters with a simple tap; you can also define the precise opening percentage.

Comando Finestre

You can control your system with your voice and say:

"Alexa, turn on Living Room"


"Ok Google, close the window"

Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri

Supporto Smart Watch

The system supports Apple Watch and Android Wear, allowing you to control Shortcuts from your wrist.

Do you want a complete, reliable and safe system?

Do you want to avoid buying expensive modules to add functionality?

Are you looking for a customizable product that can handle any automation?

The board developed and produced by Chiarini Automazioni is able to do everything you expect from a Home Automation System and much more! You do not have to buy anything else, as this is a product with infinite possibilities, with the power to perform any operation, because what we have not implemented directly can be configured by your technician thanks to a simple software, which follows the principles of the IFTTT ("if this then that").

Ask your installer to contact us and participate in the evolution of this future-proof product!

Download the app and try the Demo

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