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Photovoltaic and Storage

Chiarini Automazioni has chosen the quality of Aleo and Torri Solare panels, of which he is a qualified operator.

The company is also prepared for the installation and commissioning of Storage plants with batteries.


Chiarini Automazioni is one of the few companies awarded the title SolarEdge Specialist.

We install PV Systems since 2010, but we are SolarEdge Specialist from the end of 2022.


In a world where sustainability is more than a choice, but a necessity, Chiarini Automazioni offers you the opportunity to make a difference. Photovoltaic is not only an advanced technology, but it is a step towards a cleaner and more responsible future.


At Chiarini Automazioni, we embrace innovation. Our photovoltaic systems are designed to maximize efficiency and last over time, guaranteeing you the best possible experience.


From the initial inspection to installation, from maintenance to management of paperwork, we are at your side. Our experience and professionalism will guide you in every step.

Over %s MW installed in total

The data also includes the systems installed before entering the SolarEdge ecosystem.


Chiarini Automazioni is

Logo SolarEdge Specialist

The monitoring system of SolarEdge offers advanced, real-time control of the performance of your photovoltaic system.

Accessible from anywhere via web or mobile app, the system sends immediate notifications in case of anomalies, ensuring efficient maintenance and optimizing the use of solar energy. An intuitive user interface makes energy analysis simple for everyone, improving the management and efficiency of your system.

Power optimizers, designed by SolarEdge, maximize the amount of energy produced by each photovoltaic module and mitigate all types of loss due to module miscoupling, from tolerance of manufacture to partial shading until non-homogeneous aging.


SolarEdge Systems (from 2018)


Total Peak Power Installed


Carbon Dioxide avoided 1


Equivalent Trees Planted 1


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1. The data was obtained from the SolarEdge monitoring platform and is calculated based on the indications of the EPA.

The data was last updated at %s

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